Blind Spot

The work consists of a series photographs of 30 x 30 cm e/o.

Individuals are invited from different fields and ages to write on paper a confession. When the person decides, he/she will take the paper to a photography study and will proceed to modify it (tear into pieces, crumple, burn, bend, etc.) according to their convenience. In turn, they will be given the opportunity to choose the background color to deposit the paper. After the ritual, the modified paper will be registered in a picture.

Through cathartic writing emotions and thoughts are placed on a paper to get rid of them. Thereby those who participate in this process takes out from its body the message the letters carry within, putting on an external object (the letter) part of its own existence (personal thouhgts) to find relief by destroying that (he/she) decide will no longer be part of him/her.

Then the remains of paper have been accommodated on a disposition to be photographed. This procidure allows the resignifation of the content of the writing, by appropriating the destroyed pieces arranged to the gaze of others.