RACHELLE MOZMAN // Casa de Mujeres

Rachelle Mozman's photography has been exhibited nationally and abroad. In 2013 Mozman exhibited La Negra y su Pequeña at The Camera Club of New York and was awarded an AIR at LMCC. In 2012 Mozman was awarded an AIR at The Camera Club of New York, and she was featured in Nueva Luz. Mozman also exhibited a selection of photographs from the series Casa de Mujeres at Catherine Edelman gallery and she participated in Caribbean: Crossroads of the World exhibition at The Studio Museum in Harlem.

In 2011 Mozman was awarded an AIR at Smack Mellon and she participated in The (S) Files Biennial at El Museo del Barrio. She had an individual exhibition of her series Costa del Este through En Foco’s Traveling Exhibition program.
In 2010 Mozman participated in 31 Women in Art Photography, New York, NY, Parábola; Una Línea Imaginaría Entre Mujeres Fotógrafas at the Centro Cultural de España, El Salvador, the VII Bienal del Istmo Centroamericano, Nicaragua, Family Value, at Michael Mazzeo gallery, New York, NY, and Laberinto de Miradas, Antiguo Edificio de Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain.

In 2009 Mozman participated in Dialogues: Chapters of Latin American Art in the MOLAA Permanent Collection, at the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California, Pintoresco, Centro Cultural de España, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Portrait and Place, a group exhibition of Latin American photography, at Eight Modern gallery, Sante Fe, NM, True Stories; True Success, Friese Museum, Berlin, Germany, and she was awarded an AIR at Light Work, Syracuse, NY.

In 2008, Mozman participated in Presumed Innocence: Perspectives on Children, The Decordova Museum Lincoln, MA, Masculino y Feminino, Centro Cultural de Espana, Guatemala City, Guatemala,Identidades y Fronteras en Iberoamérica, Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City, Mexico, which also travelled to Centro Cultural de España, Lima, Peru, Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo, Uruguay, , XV Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografía, Festival de la Luz, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2007 Mozman participated in Sutil Violencia, at Centro Cultural Itau, São Paolo, Brazil, Ces Étranges Enfants, at the Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Branch, New Jersey, Things Are Strange, New Century Artists, New York, NY, Senderos Múltiples, Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporaneo, San Jose, Costa Rica,

In 2006 she participated in Mischief, Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY, Photo NY, New York, NY, Bearings, p.s. 122, New York, NY, Tres, Teor/éTica, San Jose, Costa Rica, IV Bienal del Istmo Centroamericano, San Salvador, El Salvador Mesotica Inc., Art Miami Basel, Jacob Karpio Galeria, Miami, FL.

Mozman’s work was cited by Robin Cembalest in,” Brave New World: Three New York art museums take on the complex topic of the Caribbean”, ARTnews, June 2012. In 2012 her work was cited by David Gonzalez in, “Lens Blog: Focusing on the Hidden History”, The New York Times, January 24th. In 2012 Artfagcity.com recommended Mozman in “Recommended Go Open Studio: Rachelle Mozman. In 2011 Mozman was cited by Holland Cotter in,"Artists Whose Vitality Flows through the Streets, The New York Times, June 16th 2011. In 2011 her work was cited by Rafael DiazCasas in, The (S) Files 2011, ArtNexus, Issue #82 Sep - Nov 2011. In 2011 her exhibit Costa del Este was reviewed by William Meyers in, "Rachelle Mozman: Costa del Este”, The Wall Street Journal, February 28th, 2011,

Mozman received her MFA at Tyler School of Art, and is currently an Arts Educator. Mozman’s work has been published in How We Do Both: Art and Motherhood, Presumed Innocense: Perspectives on Children, Contact Sheet, Laberinto de Miradas, Central American Women Artists in a Global Age, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Humble Arts Collectors Guide Vol. 2, Exit Express, Artmedia, The Photo Review, New York Magazine, Newsweek, Elle (French edition), The New York Times Magazine and others. Her work is in the collections of El Museo del Barrio, Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporaneo, Costa Rica, Museum of Latin American Art, Teor/ética, The New York Public Library, Light Work Permanent Collection, and numerous private collections.

Casa de Mujeres

As an artist working with both still and moving images, my practice is concerned with the playful intersection of documentary, narrative and performativity. My work engages themes of perception around identity. I address these themes in relationship to my family history. Recently my mother is my principle model in the telling of this part history, part fiction, through set up photographs. Ultimately my work is concerned with identity of the self within the parameters of culture.

In my recent series Casa de Mujeres, my mother plays the role of three women in one fictional Latin American home. These photographs can be read as portraits of my mother as her various selves- like a nested doll, and read as images that reveal the conflict of vanity, race and class that live within one woman. In these photographs the three women, a pair of twin sisters, one lighter in skin color and a maid, are family and they hold both love and contempt for each other in equal measure. My fascination with identity of the self, and my personal relationship to my mother has moved me to make these photographs, an act that through photography and performance allows the real to bubble to the surface.