ALLISON BARNES // Neither For Me Honey Nor the Honey Bee

Neither For Me Honey Nor the Honey Bee

Blending autobiography and an extended narrative on landscape, time and place, this collection invites one to consider the significance of particular ways we perceive our histories. The landscape in which identity is supposed to be grounded is made out of memory and desire, of shifting gestures that point towards what has happened and will happen. There are places that make us, and in some way, we make them. Our means of survival speak of how we value and use the natural world according to our senses, and shows how our own history becomes aligned with the history of a site. The terrain of these stories are built out of personal geographies where we seek comfort and sometimes solitude, where the light is regenerated into three hundred golden bees, calling forth desires that are reconcilable. Each image, whether it is of a person, interior, or object, is a portrait; an ellipses; an atlas within the recurring habit of experience.The interplay of person and place is seen through discovery and mark marking, echoing the sites and sights of our thoughts and experiences. These moments explore the value of place, as it exists in our contemporary lives, and its connection to a past that we may know or imagine.