AMIKO LI // Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

Since leaving my home at 18, I spend every summer back where I grew up. I have always wanted to become closer to someone, strangers, friends, lover and even family, but I am bad at this. Photography became my romanticized shelter, a place where I can respond to endlessly uncertain events. From the tropical plants trembling outside the brick wall in Xujiahui Park, to the broken glasses I found under the sculpture near my house, I isolate my subjects; push them to the corner to pull the viewer in, from intimacy to distance. My desire to do so is informed by a constant transition between China and the United States; naiveté and disguise, while still feeling ambivalent about both lands. Negotiating my struggle with attachment, my photographs chronicle my psychological undercurrent in both lands. As I continue my curious exploring, I am waiting for the story to unfold.