MEGAN MAGILL // My Business is Circumference

My Business is Circumference

CONFIDENT in my ability to shape my future through the force of my will
I did not pursue circular connections
I needed to see-----a straight line
to where I thought I needed to go
this method worked until losses and struggles left me feeling as if the world was spinning
on its axis
without me
my sense of not being able to CONTROL my outcome was powerful

I realized
that I didn’t have to

I remake photographic imagery in an attempt to explore, and at times upset, absolute answers to who and how we should be in this world. In re-working imagery that includes people I don’t know, and situations I know nothing about I connect to things that I recognize and understand. But certainty is not what I am after. Questioning is integrated into the image making itself as I primarily use processes that force me to give up personal control and attachment to a certain outcome.

Making work from a place where I am not totally sure where I am going relates directly to my life experiences and connects integrally to what I am trying to say in my work. I believe that absolutes are few and far between in life and attempts to impose concrete structures are comforting but ultimately artificial. By acknowledging the spurious nature of the order we impose and bravely embracing the ambiguity and uncertainty that makes up our lives, we free ourselves of the need for-and the comfort of-a single authoritarian vision. Ironically this realization does not throw us into the abyss but instead grants us the realization that we are not alone.