Rachel Cox // Plastic Romance

Plastic Romance

The nuances surrounding objects as vehicles for desire, and emblems of success, are developed in my current project Plastic Romance. Focusing on hot tubs, these concepts are manifested through the mere existence of these cultural oddities. The hot tub instructs us where and how to sit. Its fabrication is seductive and highly aestheticized. The interiors host a myriad of chromed gizmos, acrylic striations, and jet formations. This decadence is only seen when attempting to attract a potential buyer, for the tub is then filled with water and the interior décor becomes obsolete. What do these empty vessels project onto a user? How does this object+experience foster a type of intimacy?

Dave Hickey wrote that “ human beings lack the most basic prerequisites for relating to each other, we instead choose to define our commonality with an ever changing panoply of external objects and occasions” . My interest in photographing these objects stems directly from the intriguining ways we handle social inadequacies, and moreover, how we are dependent on such objects as a means of projected our innermost pleasures and desires.

Talley Dunn Gallery