TSAR FEDORSKY // The Light Under the Door

The Light Under the Door

I’ve always wanted to travel and had hoped photography
would bring me to far away places. I also knew that
some of the most powerful work comes from artists who
can observe what they know best - their home and
immediate surroundings. An honest gaze on my own
situation certainly seemed like a risk.

Comfortable at home, I also yearn to experience the
broader world. At times, I feel lonely and isolated,
and seek comfort in art, literature, and in my

The black and white photographs move beyond realism and
toward abstraction, linking concrete objects to
imaginary ones. The light represents my desire to break
free from the shadows I find myself in.

Questions arise. Am I happy in my relationship? And
what constitutes true happiness? Have I gotten
complacent? Do I have enough time left in my life to
reinvent myself?

Given that our time on this earth is limited, what do I
want to do with that time? This work contemplates the
fear of the unknown. It’s about finding the courage to
break through and follow the light.