A Form of View

My work is a conjunction between Israel and America. It focuses on similarities and differences between two different cultures and sets of geographical locations seen through a perspective of an “Americanized-­‐Israeli”. The work includes photographs of landscapes, still lifes and scaled models of Israel and America.

I’m working with Scale-­‐models that function like photographs. They miniaturize a reality, space or an object; they share an indexical relation to the origin. Both enable external observation of a reality’s proxy.

My perception is chaotic; composed of mediated American culture, desert landscapes, and war, which became integral in my life.

I’m basing my work on the recognition that our world is informed by images. Photographs represent and replace experiences and memories. Since the invention of the photograph, reality has become augmented by its own image. To the extent we consider the ‘real’ different from how it should be according to its own image.