KRIS GRAVES // Discovered Missing


Iceland is isolated, removed, and independent. Alone in a cold sea, sparsely populated, its volcanic visage is harsh and unrelenting. Its relationships with its neighboring countries reflect the residents' independence and stoicism, maintaining distance and self-sufficiency. Discovering Iceland for itself, finding what's missing from the known story of Iceland, seeing the country via its one (mostly) drivable road is its own discovery. Volcanic and ever-changing landscapes, barren fields, inhospitable winters, sparse population; unanticipated landscapes are hidden in plain view.

Kris Graves creates photographs of landscapes and people to preserve memory. The images' stillness cause the viewer to acknowledge the inevitability of change and the passage of time. These views will never be exactly as they were at their precise recorded moment. Graves suspends his belief and knowledge of this change, not to document a moment or state, but rather to sustain it.

8.6” x 9.6” cloth hardcover
Edition of 250
Released in December 2013
Printed in Iceland

$55 USD
All copies signed by Kris Graves
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