SOME RECENT FINDINGS // Curated by Andrew Kensett

DCCP is pleased to present Some Recent Findings, a bound portfolio of photographic works, curated by Andrew Kensett, Assistant Curator at the Center for Creative Photography. This collection includes the work of 24 photographers, each print is perforated—making it easy to remove any print for framing. Our hope is to make work accessable for collection, whether in book form or on the wall.

Included artists: Noritaka Minami, Jo Ann Chaus, Yajing Liu, Veronika Pot, Marcus DeSieno, Andy Mattern, Elizabeth Albert, Dominic Lippillo, Jeroen Nelemans, Fatemeh Baigmoradi, Edouard Taufenbach, Paulo Simão, Arden Surdam, Martin Venezky, James Reeder, Nancy Floyd, Aimee Beaubien, Alyssa Minahan, Larson Shindelman, Aline Smithson, Tamara Cedré, Amy Friend, Jessica Buie, Tianqiutao Chen

$22 + Shipping
66 copies available
Edition of 100