When the shockwaves of COVID-19 first settled, we all had to relearn how move forward.
Instead of being disappointed, the students trusted me as i guided them in the completion of their thesis work. Some had to shift gears, as their projects were no longer feasible in the current situation, others continued on paths they had already forged—only to work harder amid new and stressful work environments. They all worked within limited resources, and all showed themselves to be deeply committed to their practices. I will forever be grateful to them for putting their trust in me, for showing up when it was hardest, and for supporting one another.
Though this is one small exhibition, and not at all what I or the students had envisioned their senior show to be, I am thrilled that we can mark the culmination of their efforts now. They deserve a marker of this moment, one that is reflective of their efforts as much as it is of their time as seniors at TU. This is a celebration of their work, and I am proud of it.

Kyohei Abe, Assistant Professor of Photography, Towson University 

    TU PHOTO ‘20 on COVID-19:

Towson University Photo Senior Portfolios

Rob Taylor 
Jasmine Karbel 
                                   Olivia Nevin

   Aaron Hill

Alexis Thompson

Julia Madsen

 Jeremy Wayman