Ten years ago, DCCP was founded in the hope of serving as a gallery for emerging photographers in the Detroit area. Since then, much has changed—we no longer have a physical gallery space and operate solely online and in printed publications. We cater to a much broader audience of photographers and photography enthusiasts as we promote work from around  the globe. Our own team, still made up of working artists, are scattered across the US. Despite the plethora of changes of location and organizational structure, our mission has never wavered: DCCP works to support and promote emerging photographers and serves as a stepping stone for many on the path to their artistic and professional goals.

Of course, we are all in the midst of great change as Covid-19 forces individuals, schools, and organizations to reevaluate daily practices. In light of these changes, DCCP reached out to a number of schools in Michigan and Maryland and offered to showcase the thesis work of graduating photography seniors. Their portfolios, highlighted here bring us great pleasure—their work is diverse, engaging, and a sign of the things to come from this next generation of artists and photographers.

We hope you’ll take the time to follow along with them during their weekly takeovers on Instagram (@detroitccp) and spend some time with the showcases, getting to know the students, their advising faculty, and the great work of these programs.

  © Ackeem Salmon

© Jacqueline_Foss

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